The Art of Christmas

Has the commercialism of Christmas got you wondering about the whole joy of Christmas? I
am old enough to remember a time when friends and family were the main draw to the season.
Each child got one or two presents with the memories and anxiousness of a festive surprise.
When I look back to what I remember about the season it was the Christmas Eve party with
family and friends of my parents that are the most memorable. Family from outside of the
Country would join us when they could and we would go to church returning home to open
gifts before going to bed. Of course Santa would show up around 4am at our place once
everyone went to bed.

Christmas market

Now that I’m older I find Christmas has become too commercialized with everyone opening
their favourite technological toy and sitting on the couch not talking for the rest of the day, real
festive! Could art help bring us back to a time when giving was the gift and family was the
focus. Think about it!

Christmas Art

Could art be the answer? What if we were to take art and make it the focus for the Holiday
Season. If you are an artist then you could make the cards for family. Maybe even make a cool
present? If you’re not an artist what if you were to use art to shop for that favourite gift? You
can cruise art fairs, Christmas Shops, or even better find a local artist to create something
unique. This way you are choosing something unique for the recipient that will offer a place for
discussion when opened at Christmas. If you have enough art on the day you can hold your
own little art show offering discussion for the whole family. Art doesn’t have to be a picture, it
could be a model, an ornament, or a host of other popular crafts. Why not try and find a gift for
someone reminding them of a favourite memory from their childhood or creating a new one.
In all my years I have never heard someone reminisce over their favourite iPad, but they will
remember their favourite piece of art. However you spend your Holiday Season I hope it is a
good one.

Happy Holidays from Bruce Outridge Productions.

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is an artist, cartoonist, and caricature artist from Burlington Ontario Canada. To learn more about Bruce and his art visit