Keep Positive with an Artistic Attitude

Attitude is something we all will have to work on during this pandemic or any slow time of the year. Many artists go through slow times in their businesses from time to time and are usually very good at creating a schedule to use those slow times to their advantage. For instance most art shows are open in the Summer so in the Winter when it’s cold and snowy outside an artist is usually creating art to sell at those fairs. This keeps an artist productive and focused throughout the year.

During the pandemic many artists have switched gears to now use their talents to help in the cause of helping those on the front lines. Musicians of all levels are offering online concerts from their homes to help frontline workers or just entertain their fans keeping attitudes up.

Visual artists have offered a variety of programs from free online art classes to workshops for other artists. Some have switched to creating caricatures online over video and creating community through special groups. Many artists are simply working on their art either getting better at what they do or creating a new line of products for when sales ramp up again.

One of the factors of creating a good attitude and trust me we all struggle with this, even those of us that write about it, is to look at the overall picture. I try to look at it this way. We may be shutdown but we aren’t being bombed such as in a war torn country. We are home hopefully in a safe place and we know we will come out of this one day. From a high level we are safe.

Now the worry becomes money and time. Hopefully you have been able to take advantage of some of the Government programs to help you on the financial end. As for time use it to your advantage as much as possible. It’s funny people think artists only produce work when they are really inspired. Hobby artists may work like that but professional artists are very structured and often work at the same time of day for a certain amount of time. There will be days when you don’t feel like producing anything but because that is part of your routine you will still go into the studio and do something even if it is just reorganizing your paints.

Color pencils

If you are reading this and thinking you are not an artist so this won’t work for me then you may be mistaken. The point is to find what you would like to do and schedule your time to complete it. Would you like to learn a new skill? Is there a hobby you have always wanted to work at but didn’t have the time? Take care of the basics for survival and then use this time to learn a new skill. Look ahead to what the World may look like in the next 12 months and see where you need to focus to come out ahead when things return to normal. Create an artistic attitude and hopefully you will be productive during the pandemic. I wish you well and be safe.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, podcast producer, and television host from Burlington Ontario Canada. Bruce Outridge Productions specializes in custom illustration and design services. You can learn more at