Is It Time to Start a New Hobby?

When the pandemic started it threw a lot of people into turmoil. Finances, health, employment, and more all became unknown situations causing stress in households across the country. Once the dust settled it became an issue of what to do with your time and many began to look into a new hobby.

I recently began teaching art classes in person again in the local area. When asking the students what made them decide to take an art class the response was, “Now I have time to start something.” Life had become so busy that participants never had time to pursue a passion of choice and due to the lock down they now had that time.

From a personal standpoint working on a hobby or a project can be the difference between depression and keeping a positive mindset. I have been asked in so many interviews how I have handled the pandemic and for me it was to keep busy. Keeping busy whether on a hobby or business makes you focus on the future instead of the past allowing for an opportunist mindset. If nothing else at least you may learn a new skill, but there is also the opportunity to create income or change a career. I have many friends that have completed books or started new businesses since the pandemic began.

Oistins Sketch 1 by Bruce Outridge
Pen and Ink Sketch

This may be a great time to start classes for your particular hobby. Many organizations are getting creative with restarting classes and are just trying to keep the lights on. The drawing class I am teaching right now would normally have up to 20 students enrolled. Due to regulations around the pandemic classes are limited to ten people allowing for more personal attention and space to breathe (If you want to). Others are creating a hybrid of online and in-person sessions. It may be a time to save money and have a better class experience at the same time while helping the local economy.

It looks like the pandemic uncertainty may go on for a while so if interested look into starting that new hobby. Call some organizations and find out what they have to offer. Look online and see what is available in your area. You might be surprised at what you can learn. There are a few details below if looking at art classes both in person and online. Good luck!

Check out upcoming art classes with the Oakville Art Society

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is an artist, cartoonist, and caricature artist from Burlington Ontario Canada. Although most of his work is cartooning he enjoys sketching on location especially when he travels to the Caribbean. To learn more about Bruce and his art visit