The Price of Caricatures

People often think that caricatures are something that are done quickly in a few minutes with minimal materials or preparation. That may be true for some but there are really quite a few issues that will affect the price of a caricature artist or entertainment. Even I was shocked when I called about a paper order I had placed the other day to learn how much it had gone up.

I am a standard type of person. I like to have things the same so I don’t feel I am overcharging anyone. With the pandemic now easing and events starting up again I certainly didn’t want to raise prices for events. At events you see an artist drawing on paper, using a marker, and putting the completed picture into a plastic sleeve. Few items correct, so the charge for an artist must be their time? Yes and no. Yes the bulk of the charge is for time and experience but those few other items also play a big role in the price factor.

Not all paper or markers are created equally, I use a certain type of marker that is only available in the Untied States. I buy our paper in bulk to cut down on cost but we also use a quality paper that is a certain size and standard. We have tried other papers over the years but have found one that works nicely with the pens and offers a quality product. This is why we were surprised to find that the cost of the paper went up by 50%. Not 10% or 20% but 50% per box of paper.

We have not risen prices in over 2 years and certainly didn’t want to on the edge of a pandemic but that is too much of an increase to absorb. Add into that all the other costs that are going up and we couldn’t wait any longer. We have had to increase some of our pricing for customers. If you look at the price of caricatures you could say TALENT+PAPER+MARKER+ TRAVEL=PRICE. There is more to pricing caricatures than meets the eye. Our pricing on certain services will be increasing September 1st.

About the Author

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