Events are back!

Events are back! That’s right things have begun to open up and weddings are in high gear. It’s amazing the difference in flavour as we move back to a normal world. Oh we still have to be careful and yes there are a few more protocols in place such as verifying vaccines but for the most part events have started back.

Weddings have come back in full swing and we have been busy on that front. We already have plenty booked for 2022 and into 2023. Retirement homes have begun bringing entertainment back to the locations and caricatures are always fun there.

Venditello Wedding Caricatures
Wedding Event

What does this mean for you? Nothing in particular other than letting you know that we are available for your entertainment needs. We haven’t seen the Christmas Party Rush as of yet and are interested to see how that works out. Will companies still be hesitant? We see the corporate market as slower to come back than the retail market when it comes to events.

If you are planning an event we are waiting for your call. We are fully vaccinated and happy to work with the venue on being safe for everyone. We look forward to being at your company party this year.

All the best,

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