Sketching Barbados

I often do many sketch walks around Barbados but this year was a little different. I did however get a chance to do some sketching. The first couple were done of the new place we stayed at in Barbados. I did that for our friends that owned the house.

One of our favourite places with the coldest beer on the south coast is Mojos. I managed to get a sketch of it this year. I find all the different shapes really interesting.

One day I took a walk down towards the Gap. Of course you need to stop and have a beer when on a long walk. The cool thing about this is that I stopped at a bar called Tikkles. They sell beer 4 for $12.00. It turns out the picture I drew of Tikkles took 4 beers to complete. A Bajan way of telling time apparently.

Sitting on the beach looking to your left you can see a favourite restaurant called Champers. It looks good on the cliff with the rocks so I managed to draw Champers from the beach.

So did I get some drawings done this trip but still enjoyed the relaxation of Pen and Ink Drawing.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a professional artist from the Burlington Ontario area. He specializes in caricatures and cartoons and teaches a variety of drawing classes within the Oakville area through the Oakville Art Society. You can learn more about Bruce and his art business at