Drawing Caricatures a Great Way to Understand Other Cultures

I find there is only one way to understand others and that’s to be invited into their world. It is easy to stereo type and believe we know someone or their culture until we are part of their lives. What’s the saying. ‘Walk a mile in my shoes to understand my pain.” I may have that wrong but you get the idea. I have found drawing caricatures a great way to learn about others. Over the last fifteen years I have drawn at events for almost every nationality and for the most part of have enjoyed them all. Being someone that is involved in different industries I can tell you that not all people feel the same way. So stereo types become common and unless you engage with different people biases can quickly develop or even become harmful. While there are bad apples in all cultures for the most part people around the world are the same and generally good people.

Other Cultures are Amazing!

I have drawn for Bat Mitzvahs, weddings of all types, children’s parties, and much more. Often I am not part of the ceremony itself but the reception afterwards. The other night I was drawing for a wedding of Muslim faith. May I say how gorgeous the women are when dressed in their special dresses called Saris, it’s very hard to draw them as caricatures. At this wedding I came back from my break a little early and caught part of the ceremony. The Bride was not in the room but the Quazi was reading the vows and asked the Groom and Father of the Bride to shake hands, basically asking for permission to marry his daughter. Then everyone clapped and they announced they were now married. At this time the Bride came into the room to roaring applause. While drawing the Bride I mentioned it was quite different than our traditional weddings in Canada. She said she too was surprised as they changed the program at the last minute to be more traditional that keeps the Bride out until the end of the vows. The people were extremely nice and we all had a good time. You learn something new everyday drawing caricatures.

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is a professional caricature artist and cartoonist from Burlington Ontario. Bruce Outridge Productions specializes in weddings and corporate event entertainment. Book Bruce for your next event at www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com