Lock in Your Entertainment Costs by Booking Ahead

Happy Civic Holiday. I hope you are having a great Summer and enjoying some great times with family and friends. I know that many of the events I have attended lately the folks seem to be having a good time which is always great to see. Speaking of events, costs are going up making your event cost even more in the future. When planning a large event like a wedding or company event you may focus on event dates and catering, by the way we are hearing if you want a Saturday Night for your event you could wait as long as year and half due to the back up of the pandemic and current bookings in the system. We have been seeing a lot of Friday and Sunday events this year.

What you may not be seeing are the hidden costs of other services that often make or break an event. DJs, artists, musicians, servers, all have costs that have gone up and are feeling the impact of the shortage.

For instance a lonely caricature artist may have minimal costs compared to other entertainers. We need paper, markers, and a ride to the event. Simple right! The fact is that those three things have gone up directly due to economy. My paper costs bought in bulk from the same supplier I have been using for years went from 50 cents per sheet to $2.00 per sheet within six months. Markers costs were around $3.00 per marker and have now doubled to $6.00 per marker with markers and paper becoming more scarce to find. Do we even talk about gas, I don’t think I need to tell you how much that has gone up. Unfortunately in the entertainment world it can be hard to raise pricing to match costs the way other industries do.

So how do you save on costs for your events? BOOK EARLY! Eventually all performers and vendors will have to raise their pricing to make up those costs. By booking early you can lock in the current rate. Waiting until closer to your event may cost you more for the same event. Check the deposit rate for your chosen performer and lock in the date as soon as possible. You may lose the deposit if you have to cancel but you will lock in the date at today’s pricing. You can try choosing cheaper performers, but remember you get what you pay for and that may not be the best course of action. Hopefully this helps and we will see you in the future at your event.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge has been drawing caricatures for over a decade professionally and specializes in gift caricatures and caricature event entertainment. Bruce Outridge Productions offers both traditional and digital caricature entertainment. You can learn more or book Bruce for your next event at www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com