Improve Your Educational Events With Graphic Recording

What is graphic recording and why should you hire a graphic recorder for your conference?

If you are someone that is in charge of creating events and conferences then graphic recording may be for you, so let’s start from the beginning. Graphic Recording is the process of capturing a presentation, meeting, or discussion in a visual format. This allows you to do two things; first make the presentation visual so it is easier to understand especially for people where English may not be their first language. Second it brings out the highlights of a presentation allowing for people to grasp the concept of the presentation with a quick glance. That is the basics of graphic recording but there are many additional benefits to using graphic recording at your events.

Possibly the biggest additional benefit is to create another interest point for your event. Graphic recording is normally hung in a common area at the end of the event and people enjoy taking pictures of the artwork or discussing key points with others as they review the presentations in visual format.

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Presenters love to see their presentations in a visual format and it can often be a gift for the presenter that they can keep as a memory of the event. The presentations can also be created in video format afterwards and sent to attendees as a reminder of the event.

In June I graphic recorded for a conference of entrepreneurs and we managed to cover the hallway of the event centre. It was amazing to see the discussions take place as people reviewed the information. It really was a hit!

If you are planning an educational event in the near future and you want to add some flair and pizazz then consider graphic recording. Most artists charge a day rate and there are a variety of ways to display the information to make an interesting meeting point for your event. Feel free to give us a call if you would like to discuss your next event.

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About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a professional cartoonist and graphic recorder specializing in the art of caricature. He can be found working at all types of events from weddings to conferences. You can learn more about Bruce and his work at