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If you’re familiar with the Outridge Enterprises Inc business divisions then you may know that we have three different blogs going in addition to the other social media such as Facebook etc. So what do we talk about with each blog. Although once in a while due to upcoming events or other programs the information may cross in general if you are looking for information entrepreneurship, on business such as how to run a business, leadership information, or topics involving the transportation industry then visit our blog for Outridge Consulting Services – http://www.outridge.ca . For art tips for kids and information to do with our comic book series the Pride Junkie visit our blog and website at http://www.pridejunkie.ca . For information on the arts then this blog at Bruce Outridge Productions is the place to be http://www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com . Check them out and follow the one that gives you the information you’re looking for.

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