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Improve Your Child’s Creativity with Art Supplies

Go into any office supply store and you will see a flurry of activity in the back to school section. Sale prices are all around and there will be many items to choose from. The tendency for most parents is to just get as many pencils and highlighters as possible to last the year. If you are the parent to a budding artist then you may want to take a moment to actually plan out the supplies you need for the year as this could be a great way to improve your child’s creativity.

We all learn in different ways, some need more visual clues and others take lots of notes. In fact it’s been reported that doodling improves retention of material. Don’t believe me check out this article on the a study done on the topic.,8599,1882127,00.html. Teaming the way people learn to how they like to take down information can help improve how much of the material is remembered, but also makes the review process much more enjoyable.

So how will this information help improve your child’s creativity?

First let’s look at the notebooks your child may be working in. You may want to buy your child those basic lined styled notebooks, but is that the best option? If your child is a budding artist it may be holding back some of that creativity with the lines. Think about the subject and it may be more beneficial to buy notebooks with blank pages and even possible with different colours. This way the notebook becomes a visual journal that is not only more memorable but encourages review of the material. I have included a picture of my sketchbook pages from a convention to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

Bruce's Notebook

What about the drawing instruments such as pencils and pens?

There are two major items that every artist puts energy into finding the best quality available. The item they draw or paint on and the item they draw or paint with. Quality paper or canvas and quality paint, brushes, or drawing materials are key to helping create great art. So when buying back to school supplies could you be helping your child improve their creativity with decent materials?

The best way to start is to ask your child if appropriate what they like to draw with. Do they draw more with pencil, pen, or marker? I myself rarely use pencil anymore. Once I started doing pen and ink work as a child I abandoned the pencil for the most part. Other artists I know use only pencil so it really is a personal choice.

If you are looking at buying colour materials here is a guide to help.

You may want to just pick up those big packs of coloured pencils or mega packs of highlighters but before you do let me offer another option. If possible buy the colours separately. This is why most art stores don’t sell their products in pack because many artists don’t buy their materials this way. Let’s say I need a red colour. The best way to buy that is to buy a red pencil crayon, then a darker red pencil, and then a lighter red pencil. This way you can colour a shirt red, then use a darker red for shadow, and lighter red for highlights. This technique can also be done in other ways with blue colours but it gives you an idea of the process of shopping for colours.

These tips can help not only improve creativity, encourage note taking, and improve retention of material. I have found it a great way to help remember information during conferences, seminars, and presentations. If you have a budding artist that likes to draw this may be a great way to encourage getting homework done and improving their artistic talent. Hey it couldn’t hurt!

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a professional artist /cartoonist from Burlington Ontario Canada. Bruce has been drawing since he was ten years and offers custom illustration and design services for clients specializing in caricatures and cartoons. To learn more about Bruce and his work visit his website at

Cartooning for Kids-March 16, 2017-Art on Location Program

Creating a comic book page

I will be teaching a cartooning workshop for kids in conjunction with Art on Location Program with Dawn Angela Seeley. This workshop will be part of Dawn Angela’s larger art class program for kids. To learn more about the classes or to register please visit her website at

Learn how to draw cartoons, caricatures, comics and more. This workshop will be held at the following location.

SDA Church
2013 Bronte Road
Oakville, Ontario

Please register through

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge Productions offers art classes specializing in caricatures, cartoons, comics, and more. We offer classes for public and private individuals clients looking for programs on cartooning and associated expertise. To learn more about Bruce and upcoming classes or to view his online art instruction videos check out his website at

Check out what goes on at a caricature convention! ISCA Convention 2016

Have you ever wondered what goes on at a caricature convention? These conventions are great fun and The International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA) holds one every year. In fact there are several Chapters of the organization around the world in places like Japan, Korea, and more. I thought I would offer a glimpse into the convention as I just returned form our 2016 convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Check out the clip below and if you would like to learn more about ISCA check out their website at

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is a caricature artist from Burlington Ontario Canada and a member of the ISCA organization. His videos are part of his Drawing With Bruce series of online art instruction where he has Sketch Walks of his favourite outdoor places, drawing instruction, painting tips, and more. You can learn more about Bruce and his art by visiting his website at

Drawing in Pen and Ink-February 14th-March 7th, 2017

The beauty of the pen and ink technique is that you can explore expressive line in exquisite detail. Explore both traditional and innovative approaches to line drawing. Demonstrations introduce you to the different types of pens, papers and inks. Learn how to produce different strokes and how to create tone by using stipple, line and crosshatch techniques. This class will be held in the gallery space.

209A: Drawing in Pen & Ink Level 1

Instructor: Bruce Outridge
Tuesdays, 7 pm to 10 pm
Start February 14th, 2017
This classes is 4 weeks
Non Members cost $100.00 Members cost $85.00

Register directly with the Oakville Art Society at


About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, and instructor from Burlington Ontario Canada. He is available for workshops and classes on a variety of mediums and subject matter from cartoons and caricatures to Pen and ink or digital art. To learn more about Bruce or book him for your next class visit

Cartooning for Teens Art Classes-November 21 and 28, 2016

Dawn Angela Seeley is holding a cartooning workshop through her Studio program. I will be teaching cartooning on Monday November 21st and Monday November 28th from 6:15pm-8:15pm. To learn more about the classes or to register please contact Dawn Angela Seeley Studios directly through the information below. The seating is limited for this event so don’t delay.

Cartooning for Teens

November 21 / November 28, 2016 – 6:15pm-8:15pm
Dawn Angela Seeley
Crackpot Studio, 295 Robinson St., Oakville 905.849.7966

Please register directly with Dawn Angela’s Studio

Comic Art Classes

About the Instructor

Bruce Outridge is a professional cartoonist from Southern Ontario Canada. He specializes in the art of caricature and cartoons and is the creator of several published comic strips including the Pride Junkie, Highway Blues, Bear & Knuckles and more. Bruce’s services include live caricature entertainment, advertising and editorial illustration, and custom design services. He is available for workshops and classes throughout Southern Ontario. To learn more about Bruce and his work visit his website at

Falling into your passions is a great way to relax!

You may wonder why a cartoonist and caricature artist is talking about passions? In fact many times I get people asking me what I do to relax since my career is what most people would consider a hobby. Often I tell people that I enjoy photography as my hobby. I do enjoy taking pictures but at the end of the day, it’s enjoyable but not a passion. Many of my cartoon friends will continue to draw cartoons as their relaxation and I have to admit that is fun, but for me relaxation is all about connecting with nature.

You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy relaxing with a passion you love. We often believe that we have to do something totally different from what we do for work or we are considered to be over worked. If you are a dog walker and tell people that you like to go for long relaxing walks with your dog they will think you’re crazy. Can you hear them? “You walk dogs all day how can you relax going for a walk with your dog?” What many don’t see are the benefits of that single walk. You are connecting with your dog, which is truly a family member. You are connecting with nature, family, and your thoughts and that can be the most relaxing time at all.

What about the author that writes non-fiction books, but likes to write children’s books in their spare time. They are still writing but because the topic and subject matter is different it makes the process relaxing. They are still writing but they may not feel overworked because the children’s book is a passion.

Did you know that if your passion was a hobby and has now changed into your vocation it still can be the heart of your passion. Here is how it worked for me. I started as a cartoonist as a kid. When I decided to start my art business in 2003 I was focused on landscapes. I enjoyed drawing and painting the world around us. In fact my first solo show in 2004 was all black and white landscapes and building images. I had another landscape show in 2007 but Caribbean landscapes are too bold for our local market. I may not have entered into cartooning if I hadn’t created my comic book series in 2008. Why do I tell you all this? Even though my cartooning is my main income producer I still love drawing and painting landscapes. It may still be drawing but I get to connect with nature, slow time down, and enjoy the beautiful parts of the world around us.

So whether you write, draw, walk, or have some other hobby that you enjoy don’t try to mask it. Don’t try to explain to others as to why you find it relaxing, that’s for you to know! It could be just a little something different from what you do on a daily basis. Since this is a beautiful time of year with the changing of the leaves I thought I would share the beautiful scenery and relaxation of a Fall Sketch Walk. I hope it inspires to you to enjoy what you do as I show you how I relax.

crawford-lake-cover-artAbout the Artist

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, and instructor from Burlington Ontario Canada. You can view more Sketch Walks on Bruce’s website at 

Keep Drawing On Your Notebook Presentation Highlight

Last week I was asked to talk cartooning at the Grimsby Public Library as part of their Artists and Authors presentation schedule. Below is a highlight of part of the presentation. Thank you Grimsby Library for having me out. The presentation offers an overview of how I built my art business and motivation to keep moving forward for those looking to improve their art careers.

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is a cartoonist from Southern Ontario offering talks to groups that have a focus on leadership, business, or the arts. To book Bruce for your event or learn more about the artist visit his website at or email to view other speaking topics by Bruce please visit his website

Thank You to the Grimsby Public Library for Having Me Out to Talk Cartoons

Last night I did a presentation at the Grimsby Library for budding artists and those interested in starting an art career. Thank you to those of you that made it out for the presentation and thank you to the Grimsby Library for featuring me in their schedule of authors and artists. The Grimsby Library is located on at Carnegie and Ontario Streets in Grimsby Ontario Canada and has all kinds of programs for kids and adults. You can learn more about the programs at the library by visiting their website at I look forward to presenting there again sometime.

Bruce at the Grimsby LibraryAbout the Artist

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, and speaker on art, business, and leadership. His presentation “Keep Drawing On Your Notebook” helps budding artists improve their art and gives those looking to start an art business ideas on how to get started through Bruce’s creative way of starting his own business. You can book Bruce for your group by calling 289-337-2630 or emailing

Elvis Party Great Success!-Testimonial

I recently did a birthday party event with an Elvis Theme. The party was a big success and all people should be as nice as these folks were. here is what they had to say.

Live Caricature Event Testimonial

Client Review
Bruce was a big hit at our party! He engaged in conversion with our guests as he was drawing, making the experience more fun. We were also impressed with the fact that he arrived early to set up, allowing for 2 hours of straight drawing time. Bruce was very friendly and a pleasure to talk to.

Client Ratings
Roy gave you the following star ratings based on your service at their event (1=lowest, 5=highest):
Professionalism: 5
Quality of service: 4
Ability to handle special requests: 5
Willingness to recommend to a friend: 4
Overall satisfaction: 5

Birthday Party 2016

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an illustrator from Burlington Ontario specializing cartoons and caricatures. He offers live event service and gift caricatures on commissions. To learn more visit

Can a picture get you thrown in jail?

We have all heard the statement that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this article the the meaning takes on a whole new meaning, like pleas bargain. As artists many of us take photos of items for reference pictures and often don’t think about how they may be affecting local laws or regulations. This came to mind after watching a television show not too long ago where a lady that was taking pictures of industrial oil tanks and was arrested and scrutinized by a company in the small town where she took the pictures. It turns out that she was trying to take reference photos of storage tanks used to store fuel to be used in a presentation on energy conservation in the world. How many of us have done that to get pictures for a painting or presentation ourselves? This is very common and if we are not careful can put us in bad positions with the law. Even though this lady wasn’t on the company property she was deemed suspicious for taking pictures through their fence line. building

Many places now don’t allow photography on their properties and taking photos can put you in a position where you might possibly be crossing terrorism laws. So what do you do if you need reference photos and the item is placed inside the fenced structure of a company’s location? Items like fuel tanks are now being protected due to factors that we didn’t have to worry about before 9-11, but now look at those events cause us to protect areas in a different way. If you need reference photos these days the internet is the first place most of us turn to. If that doesn’t work and you must take your own in a company’s location asking permission from the company may work, of course they may say no. If they say no, asking for pictures from the company may give you approved shots. You may have try and find another way of capturing the images if they won’t give you pictures. The important part is to remember you may feel that you are not doing anything wrong, but in the company’s eyes you are violating trespassing laws. Don’t get caught sitting on the fence and leaving yourself open to possible law suits.

About the Author
Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, and illustrator from Southern Ontario Canada and specializes in live caricature entertainment and studio work. For more information please visit his website at