Choosing Markers

Have you ever tried using markers for your work? There are many on the market and all work a little differently. First don`t buy a fixed set of markers. Buy in range, so if you want the colour blue, buy one light blue, one mid blue, and one dark blue and do that for each of the colours you want. That way you can add shading and highlights to your art work to make them stand out. Look at the tip of the markers to make sure you can work comfortably with them as some have flexible tips and some have chiseled tips. Also build your set slowly as the markers as they can be very expensive. The brand to use really is a personal choice, buy one and try it out to see if you like it. Paper choice is very important, I find 100lb bristol the best for me or you can use one of the many marker papers on the market. Remember art tools are mostly a matter of choice so buy the best you can afford, but buy what you like and watch your artwork soar.

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