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Protected: Jessica Michael Wedding – October 14, 2017

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A career influenced by Marvin-Cartoon of the Week


The Story Behind the Cartoon

If you look back on your career it is interesting to see how those early influences have played apart in life. One of my favourite cartoons from the age of around 12 was Marvin by Tom Armstrong. The strip is still available to this day and I used to copy the cartoons out of the paper. Here is one scene from a strip that I copied at the age of thirteen or so. This was how I learned to draw. Thank you to Tom Armstrong and many other great artists for playing a part in my career to this day. Enjoy!

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration and design services specializing in cartoons and caricatures. Bruce has various cartoons and comics including The Pride Junkie Comic, Highway Blues, and Gymdazzled to name a few. you can learn more about Bruce or hire him for your next project at

Guests take over drawing at party!

My whole goal when drawing at events is to have as much fun as possible and that usually translates to the guests having fun as well. Every once in a while I get a guest who is an artist and are hovering over me watching every stroke so I try to entice them to take a shot. There has been a couple times when everyone was saying how good they are and I have to think if that was such a good idea to give them the marker. This happened at a party not to long ago and we couldn’t stop laughing. Even the kids got involved in drawing me. I guess I will know when I have been fired when the guests take over the drawing!

Here are some pictures of the budding artists

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration and design services specializing in cartoons and caricatures. Bruce is constantly requested for weddings, corporate events, and private parties. To hire Bruce for your next event or to learn more about his wedding and corporate specials visit his website at

Protected: Douglas Canada Day Event-July 1, 2017

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Easter Egg Bandit – Cartoon of the Week


The Story Behind the Cartoon

As you may know many of my cartoons are on the trucking industry. I often try to theme them to match holidays and other timely events. Since Easter is approaching i thought this cartoon would be fitting for the cartoon of the week. Trucks touch everything we have in our lives and things go missing all the time. If a clerk at the store says, “We didn’t get our shipment of Easter eggs this week.” You will now understand why. happy Easter everyone and enjoy the cartoon.

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration and design services for clients specializing in cartoons and caricature. Bruce has been part of the trucking industry for over 30 years in various roles and much of his cartoon work is on the industry. To learn more about Bruce and his work visit

Cartoons make great advertisements!

Remember when illustration was the only thing around? Okay maybe you don’t but there was a time. Photography quickly became hot for advertising as computers made manipulating images easier. Cartoons have been starting to make a comeback for many advertising and editorial needs and caricatures are a great way to do create a unique ad for publications. We have done many cartoon ads in both caricatures and general cartooning in the past and continue to get more requests. If you are looking to make an impact in a different way with your next advertisement then think about cartooning for a change. It allows people to read your ad longer, after all isn’t that the goal. Here are a few we did for our clients.

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration and design services for advertising and editorial projects. Specializing in caricatures and cartoons allows for creative ways to market or advertise your next project. To learn more about Bruce Outridge Productions or to discuss your next project visit

Caricature artist rocks Chamber of Commerce

I have had some great events over the last few weeks as have many of my caricature artist friends. As many know some events are event imagemore fun than others. I recently did an event for the Chamber of Commerce in Brantford Ontario and rocked the house. It was such a fun event that the drawing and laughter didn’t stop. The entertainment was so popular we received two more bookings within 24 hours of the event. Now that is rocking an event!

Here is what the client had to say:

Leslie B has submitted the following review for Gig ID #2689505:

Client Review
Bruce did an amazing job, our guests were thrilled. Both Carmen and Bruce were a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Bruce for any event.

Client Ratings
Leslie gave you the following star ratings based on your service at their event (1=lowest, 5=highest):
Professionalism: 4.5
Quality of service: 4.5
Ability to handle special requests: 4.5
Willingness to recommend to a friend: 4.5
Overall satisfaction: 4.5

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge Productions offers live caricature entertainment for events such as corporate parties, weddings and more. To learn more about specials available or to book Bruce for your next event visit his website at

Caricature artists see amazing places!

As a caricature artist I get to see some amazing places that can be beyond explanation. The other night I did a digital event for a client at the owners home. It was an amazing multi-million dollar home that had all the aspects of the perfect party home including stage, bars, games and more. It is important at event likes that to be a professional as possible. When you think of that person that has to work in environments like coal mines and the like it makes you appreciate what we do even more.

Here a few caricatures from the event and my set up at the home.

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is a caricature artist from Burlington Ontario Canada. Bruce offers traditional, digital caricature event services as well as studio caricatures for gifts. To learn more about Bruce or book him for your next event visit his website and check out his digital caricature special at

The fun never stops at caricature events!

We did some cool events over the weekend. When things were slow at the a company party I played a little hide and seek with a dinosaur. Thanks to Abbey Road Entertainment for allowing me to try out their photo booth. Check out this picture:

bruce with dinosaur

At the same event for Atrell Toyota people in my chair kept winning prizes. I must be the lucky caricaturist. Check to these photos:


Thanks to Atrell Toyota for having me out to draw at their Christmas Dinner.

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is a caricature event artist specializing in weddings and corporate events. You can learn more about Bruce and his work by visiting his website at At the same time check out Bruce’s corporate special by clicking here.

Customer services starts with the first point of contact!-Client Testimonial

People think I am over the top about looking professional whenever possible. That doesn’t mean we don’t screw up like everyone else, but we do our best to be professional from the first point of contact right through to the end of the project or event. Many times the feedback is about the event itself but as you will read in the testimonial below the client was just as impressed with the professionalism right up front. The event was a great night and the guests had a great time based on the feedback. Feedback like this can help you want to maintain a level of service above your competition. Thank you Mariana and thank you for the kind words.

Here is what the client had to say:

Name or Company: Mariana Jabbour1

Service provided: Live caricature entertainment

Service rating: Excellent

Additional Comment: I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to have Bruce come to our party! Everything from beginning to end about the whole experience was amazing! I sent an email on a weekend to inquire about the services and to my surprise, I got an answer within minutes!! BTW I’m still waiting to hear back from some of the other entertainer I contacted!!! Carmen was extremely professional, courteous and very efficient. All my questions were answered super quick and there were no surprises or add ons to the original quote. Bruce showed up on time and was amazing!! From his witty sense of humour and great smile to his awesome personality and amazing talent, it was all fantastic!! Everyone loved him and his drawings and can’t stop talking about it!! It was truly a pleasure to have him at our party and he really helped make it a great success!!! Thank you Bruce and Carmen!!! Wish you continued success, you deserve it!!!

Here are a couple pictures from the event:

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is a caricature artist from Burlington Ontario, Canada. Bruce Outridge productions offers custom illustration and design services for clients specializing in caricatures and cartoons. The company offers live caricature event entertainment as well as gift caricature for presents and special occasions. Check out the corporate and wedding specials and get Bruce to draw at your next event by clicking here!