Business Marketing Through Caricature

Are you one of the many business owners wondering how to market your business to potential clients, existing clients,or other associations? Even more important is how is a caricature artist / cartoonist is going to help me you ask? Have you ever heard the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword” well that has never been more true for a caricature artist. We have power that is hidden to most people, yet extremely useful to those that know how to use it to their advantage. I have listed some tips below that may be useful to you for ways of promoting your business or creating unique gifts for clients and friends. The following tips are just the tip of the iceberg. A way of starting the creative juices to best promote your business. There are many ideas that can come from going down the marketing path to promote your business so don’t hold back on any ideas. Here are some ways a caricature artist can help your business.

Gift Caricatures:the caricature is of them and a situation they enjoy they will keep it on their wall for a long period of time. What a great way to build loyalty and trust from your business. Add your logo to it for even more punch.

Thank You Party:get-together for your clients? Have a caricature artist there and each attendee took home a caricature and memento of your event. Your business will be remembered for years to come.

Trade Shows:staff and are looking for ways to attract attention or control the line at your booth so the sales representatives can talk with potential clients then a caricature artist is your answer. Add your logo to the stationary and you will not be forgotten.

Gift Certificates:

If you don’t have the pictures and information required for a gift caricature then a gift certificate may be your answer. Cre

These are just a few ideas like I mentioned to get you started. A caricature artist may be your answer to becoming noticed at your next event. For more information and samples of caricatures visit and see how I can help your business.

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