What size of paper do comic book artists use?

Have you ever wondered what size of paper comic book artists draw on? The standard is what we call comic artboards which are 11×17 in size and have the crop and trim marks marked out in light blue. These are available in many art stores or online from comic book suppliers and retailers. To answer the question though you can use any size you want. Normally the best rule of thuumb is to use one and half to two times the size that the artwork will eventually be printed at. If just publishing it yurself then use whatever size you feel comfortable with. In my art classes many people draw too small and have a hard time entering any details so try to draw as large as you can. I hope that helps and good luck with the drawing.

Bruce Outridge is a comic book artist from the Souther Ontario area and creator of the Pride Junkie Comic Book series. To view more of his work visit www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com

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