What pen type should I use for inking my comics?

If you read my earlier post regarding comic book paper you probably want to know the type of pen you should use. I and most of my artist friends use many different pens depending on the type of work we are doing. In general for outlining the original pencil drawing I use a nib pen and liquid india ink. I will then switch to a brush to fill in any areas that should be solid black. Once that is dry I switch to a fine pen or marker to complete the hatching and cross hatching. The pen type I like the best for hatching and sketching is the micron pen. As for the liquid ink I use a variety, but try to get one that is super black and waterproof especially if using it with watercolour.

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Bruce Outridge is a comic book artist and creator of the Pride junkie comic book series. He can be reached at http://www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com

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