Improving Your Workflow for Productivity

If you are like most of us starting in business you spend every waking moment figuring out how to improve business by finding new clients. It is very important to keep the pipeline filled with new potential business at any given time to keep business moving forward and successful. One thing that starts to happen, and we all go through it, we become overworked. I know too many entrepreneurs that end up working 24 hours a day and burn out. In a business like illustration time needs to be given to creating the work you have coming in. This is where I have failed in the past and may be where you have problems as well. I used to leave my days open for client meetings and then be working like a dog all night and weekends to create work. This didn’t leave me with much time off. By changing my time management style it helped me create the time I need for myself. I am still busy, but have learned to schedule my time much better.

Try doing this, figure out how much your time is worth. There are many ways of doing this from guessing to figuring it out to the penny. Many books cover this. Break that amount into half days and how much you need for the week total. Give yourself at least one day off per week. Once this is done just slot your projects into the preferred days based on completion dates at the beginning of each week. Try to group client meetings so you are going out with a purpose. Nights and weekends should be for catching up or personal projects. This way when you are bringing in new work you can extend timelines, refuse projects, or move work as needed. Once you know how long projects take to complete you will be able to allow the allotted time to getting them done. You will find this as more relaxed way allowing time for you, and help you to keep a productive workflow as well.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an illustrator and business consultant. More of his work can be seen at

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