Are Your Employees Presenting Your Business in the Right Manner?

I was recently in a fast food restaurant, a large chain that I used to love but don’t frequent quite as much as in the past. On this particular day however I went to a location in town for lunch. I ordered lunch and sat down waiting for the order to be prepared. The girl working by herself was nice enough but what caught my eye was the mess on the tables. I took it to being that she must have been really busy being by herself as I was after the lunch crowd and hadn’t got a chance to clean up, however while waiting for my order to cook she continued to read a book of interest in the kitchen. Moments later another couple arrived, placed their order, and you could tell were looking for a clean place to sit down. Now I was on the waitresses side before, but she still made no attempt to clean any tables. She either didn’t notice, or didn’t care and at this point I believe the latter. I kept thinking in my mind I wonder if the owner knows how their restaurant is being represented to the public?

If you have employees, especially ones dealing with the public then it is extremely important that they represent the image you want for your business. We all have one chance to win our clients over and an employee not doing their best can cost you serious money. Make sure your brand is represented properly, your future depends on it.

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Bruce Outridge is an illustrator and marketing consultant. More of his work can be found on his websites at or

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