How Young is your Target Market?

If you like McDonald’s to this day is it because your Mother ate McDonalds as a kid? If you buy a certain type of soft drink, is it because your parents bought that soft drink? Apparently the answer is true, that we are influenced by brands when we are still in the womb. I am currently reading a book on brands and how they get their messages across and the fact that they target unborn children so that they recognize those sounds and smells when they are born and stay with them for life. I agree with it to a point, but I am trying visualize my Mother wolfing down Big Macs when she was pregnant. I do remember my Father buying that popular fried chicken brand when I was a kid, he felt it was healthier than the other food choices available, and I did like that brand for many years to come. So I believe there are some truths to the facts. Even as a caricature artist I get people at parties that remember having it done when they were a kid.

Now I am not going to tell you who you should market to, but I think the point is that many products and services give us an emotional connection to earlier days in our lives. If you captivate that in your products you can make them a success. I think I will start selling my business books with a KISS T-shirt in them, that may work.

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Bruce Outridge is an illustrator, and business and leadership consultant from Southern Ontario Canada. Form more information on his work please visit his website us at

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