Keep Them Laughing and They Will Come Back.

In speaking with an event planner the other day she was commenting that when talking with artists over the phone it was like pulling teeth to get information from them. She commented that they were amazing artists but when performing spent more time making sure the art was perfect than making sure the clients were having a good time. I have seen this repeatedly at events and wonder what they think they’re achieving by working this way? The point of an entertainer is to entertain and if the clients aren’t having a good time then you won’t be asked back.

I think the reason for this is many focus on the art. Maybe they are doing this on the side to make extra money but really they just want to draw. By working this way however they are hurting themselves as a brand. People may remember your art, but you won’t be noted as a person the crowd will remember. I have many people hire me because of my personality from the videos on my website rather than how good the pictures are. Now there must be a certain standard for the art, but most don’t care too much, they want their guests having a good time. Even the drawing is there for entertainment value only. I wouldn’t be surprised if most pictures end up under the bed anyway.

So if you’re in the entertainment industry watch a good busker, or check the real professional performers that do this for a living and you will see it is more about working the crowd than the trick or whatever feat they are performing. Practice that and you will be on your way a successful career.

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Bruce Outridge is a caricature artist from Southern Ontario Canada. To view his work please visit his website at

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