Are You Letting Your Art Grow in it’s Own Time?

I was just watching the news and it focused on babies. They were talking about studies of the children watching television too much before the age of two and the effects that had. It talked about teaching your new born baby how to sign language so you know what they want when they cry and the effects that had. It got me thinking of two things. One we should just let our babies be babies and two how people want to push to the next level before they have finished experiencing this level. I turned this over to the context of art and how we all want to be better than we are at that moment.

It is okay to be where you are and enjoy that moment. If you’re trying to sell your work but it isn’t going so well, maybe you need to take a step back and take a good look as to why it isn’t selling, maybe you’re not ready yet. It’s okay not to be perfect and we all need to stay at a certain level for a while to mature. If you do push on to the next level you may not be ready for what awaits you there. So take your time, enjoy the level where you are and you will gradually progress when you’re ready.

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