Customer Service Starts with a Smile

It makes me crazy to see some of the people that are involved with customer service have the worst attitudes around. Many of them are so uptight that you wonder if they know what customer service is. The best part of it is when you ask them how long they have been doing customer service and they say forever. At that point you realize they are almost ready to retire so they must have been in the business for at least twenty years, maybe even thirty. Over thirty years of working forty hours a week how many customers do you think they have turned away, or sent to the competition? What happened to the rules of customer service, have they changed them, was a memo sent? If so I totally missed it!

Unless I am wrong here are the rules as I remember them: Smile, you’re supposed to be happy, Help, helping the customer is why you have a job in the first place, They’re right, the customer is always right at least in front of other people. If those are the rules how come I see people complaining about their jobs in front of customers, telling the customer it is not their job and leaving them to find someone else, and not smiling or looking like the kiss of death. Did they not get the memo? I laugh because most of these people in so called customer service wouldn’t last a week as an entrepreneur. If you’re in customer service and you like your job please show it, if you don’t like your job please give it to someone who wants it. To those of you doing a good job with customers, thank you and keep it up.

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Bruce Outridge is an entrepreneur, artist, and illustrator from Canada. For more information visit his website at

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