The fans go wild! Client Testimonial

One day I will write a book about some of the experiences from the many shows and events I attend through the course of being a professional caricature artist. I am sure that my caricature artist friends also have some great stories they can share. I drew at a wedding the other night that had some very happy people (lol) in attendance. In fact I am thinking of adding aspirin to my Wedding Special as I think many may have needed it the next day. It was one of the wilder weddings I have attended the in the last little while and a lot of fun was had by all. As always it is good to see that people had a good time and I am always happy to hear that the Bride and Groom enjoyed the night.

Here is what the Bride had to say about the service:

Awesome. Thank you so so much. Everyone is raving about your work. And I LOVE the picture you made for Justin and I. 🙂

Krystle G.

Here are a few pictures from the event:

Here is the gift caricature completed for the Bride and Groom:

justin-and-krystle-caricatureAbout the Artist

Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration and design services specializing in cartoons and caricature. Live caricature entertainment is the focus of the business and Bruce has a wedding special for those wanting to have Bruce draw the guests at their wedding. Bruce books over one year in advance so booking early is always recommended. You can learn more about the Wedding Special or book Bruce for your wedding by clicking here or visiting