Illustration is still a great way to enhance your story!

Telling a story that is interesting can be a challenge at anytime. Depending on the nature of your book, illustrations can help bring your book to a new level. Photographs are great in their own way but when trying to tell a specific story sometimes finding the right photograph can be a problem. The solution is illustration because you can get the exact point across to enhance the authors story telling style.

We were able to help author Kathryn Burton with her book series for kids titled “Haley Honey Bee” and is now working on a third book in the series. If you are writing a story and would like something to enhance your writing style then adding illustrations may be the way. Here are some illustrations we did for Haley Honey Bee. You can learn more about the books and the author at

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration and design services for authors, entrepreneurs, businesses. We specialize in editorial and advertising illustration in the style of caricatures and cartoons. To inquire about having us illustrate your next book  or to view samples of our work visit our website at