Give a Unique Gift with a Gift Caricature

Over the next few weeks the shopping race of the season will begin. That’s right that Holiday with the guy in the bright red suit and all the trimmings. For some people shopping for gifts is a beautiful time of year, for others it is a dreaded program that repeats itself every year. However you view Christmas it comes every year and the more prepared you are the better it will go.

Gift giving brings different feelings or stress depending on how you approach it. I myself hate to shop and buying gifts for people adds a lot of stress to my world. Maybe that’s why my wife handles the shopping because she excels at it. Finding that perfect gift however is a challenge for many people so hopefully this article will help.

The most unique gift you can get is a personally created gift

If you’re looking to be the most unique gift given in the family then a gift caricature may be the answer. Getting a gift caricature created can be extremely personable because you can add elements that are truly unique to that person. Frame it up and the recipient will have a memory that they can look at for years to come. Check out some of the gift caricatures we have done in the past

What to watch for when giving someone a gift caricature?

When giving someone a gift caricature there are a few things to watch for if doing this for the first time. Depending on the style of the artist will depend on the type of picture you get. Caricature is meant to exaggerate Tiffany caricaturea person’s features and that may or may not flatter a person especially if they are self conscious. If giving a gift caricature to someone make sure they have a good sense of humour or it may not be as well received as you might like. Know the person you are gifting.

If the person is younger a gift caricature may not go over as well as you may think. Under the age of 18 a gift caricature may be nice but they may want something more interactive. Remember a picture may look nice but young people won’t sit there staring at the picture. If giving a gift caricature to someone younger either choose it as a secondary gift or make sure they are age appropriate.

How to purchase a gift caricature?

Just choosing an artist may not offer you the gift you want as each has a different style. I always suggest that people choose the style of caricature they like before the artist. If you want an overly exaggerated style then find an artist that does that. If you want a cartoony or realistic style then find an artist that does that and again understand the person you are buying for.

Once a style has been chosen then you will need to contact the artist, make payment and confirm the details of the project. Then the pictures and other information will be required. You will need to send the artist clear pictures of the person or people in the picture. Please make sure if multiple people are in the picture the artist knows who is who. I have drawn the wrong person in a picture before. Pictures of generic items don’t have to be supplied but if an item is specific to a person such as their car then clear pictures of those are required as well. Pictures of general items such as a building can usually be found via the internet by the artist. Here is how our process for gift caricatures works if you are interested in seeing the process

How long will the gift caricature take to complete?

Time for project completion will be critical especially during the Holidays. Starting early is the best way to make sure your project is completed on time. A general time frame for a gift caricature is two to three weeks from the time the project is confirmed. During the Holiday Season that time frame can creep up to four weeks depending on the amount of projects in the production schedule and the size of a project will change delivery times as well. Mailing, framing and other components can also change the timeframe of a project. Delivery around the Christmas Holiday can be varied and may cause you to miss your gift giving date. For best results plan on having your gift delivered by the 15th of December to have the gift on time. If you need it for a Christmas party then even earlier is suggested. That means you may want to start planning now to give the gift of caricature.

I hope those tips helped you to create the perfect gift for the Holidays. Oh there is one other benefit, you won’t have to go to the store.

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