Sketching in Beautiful Bathsheba

Where is Bathsheba? Bathsheba is a beautiful spot on the East Coast of the island of Barbados. It had been a while since I was to that side of the island even though I come to the island every year so this year we decided it was time to take a sketching trip to that Coast. The coast line is covered with stunning rock formations, beautiful hills, and beautiful palm trees. The ocean is the Atlantic and recommended not for swimming due to its strong currents unless you really know what you’re doing. Surfers love Bathsheba and there is an area for surfers called the Soup Bowl named after it’s continuous rolling waves. We started with a lunch at the Sea Side Restaurant which was excellent, never sketch on an empty stomach I say. We then walked along and I sketched in six different spots along the coast in Bathsheba Park. Watch for the Sketch Walk video to come out in the near future. You can view all the sketch walks by clicking this link.

Here is a beautiful picture of Bathsheba:

Bathsheba Barbados W.I

Here are a few sketches from the day:

Bathsheba sketch by Bruce Outridge

Bathsheba sketch 2 by Bruce Outridge

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration and design services fro clients specializing in caricatures and cartoons. Bruce has a love for the Caribbean and travels there every year. He enjoys sketching on location and has a Sketch Walk series where he explains and talks about the locations he sketches. You can view more of his sketch walks on his Sketch Walk Page. You can learn more about Bruce and his art at