Using Art and Toys to Teach Kids!

Using Art and Toys to Teach Kids!

We all know that the perfect time to teach kids new things is when they are young. Those early days are crucial to introducing new techniques and values that can last a lifetime. Two things prompted me to write this article, March Break and Toys R US. How did these two events prompt me to write this article? Let me explain.

Teaching the kids about money

When my kids were young Toys R Us were one of the tools we used to teach them the value of a dollar. With the announcement of the toy giant shutting down their stores in the United States it brought some fond Bruce and Huntermemories for me when my kids were young. How did Toys R US teach them the value of a dollar? If you have kids around the age of five years old you may want to try this technique at any toy store.

We used to take the kids into the store and tell them that they each had $10 that they could spend. My kids are now 27 so back then $10 was a lot of money. The cool thing about Toys R US is that the kids were able to play with many of the toys right in the store. It was like a play land with new toys. We would be at the store for about two hours as the kids tried out their favourite toys and when we were about to leave we would say they could choose any toy but it had to be under $10. They would come with a toy that cost $20 and then we would have to return it, or they would come with toys for $5 and take it back to get more value. The store had many small items so it was quite a process but very fun. It was fun to see them try to get as many toys as possible for the money regardless of the quality.

Teaching kids about art

During March Break I recently had my Grand kids out for the day. With the kids now being seven years old it was a good time to introduce them to the world of art. They were given sketchbooks, pencils, and other material to get them started in their drawing career. I began my career around the age of ten and found I still have fond memories of those early times. The benefit of starting them early in the arts is it will stay with them for years to come. They may be like me and give it up for a time as they pursue other interests but at least they will have a base that will keep them interested in art for the future.

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Teaching kids can be fun! Use toys, the arts, or interests that you have to help give your kids good values and give them interests that will last forever.

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