Sometimes a Thank You is the Best Testimonial

As a caricature artist specializing in weddings and corporate events I usually am part of a couple’s big day and then that’s the last I see of them. After all people don’t get married everyday ( I hope). Our goal as an artist is to ensure they have a great time on their big day and hope later down the road they will recommend us to a friend. We have a feedback form that we send out after every event and sometimes it gets filled out and sometimes it doesn’t. Not too often we get a card in the mail saying thank you so when this card showed up it was a total surprise. Taking the time to write that note and say thank you was one of the best testimonials an artist can receive so I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy!

The Thank You Card

Thank you cardThank you card inside

Here is a picture of the lovely couple:


About the Artist

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