Digital is cool, but do you need it for your next event?

These days if you are not using a mobile phone or computer in your life you must be from another planet. Even those that have tried to stay away from technology have slowly been forced to use it over time for basic functions. Remember when you used to walk into a department store to buy something? Those stores have slowly gone out of business if they haven’t moved to some sort of online presence. It’s getting harder to book things on the phone, even for hotels and airlines. I’m amazed whenever I meet someone that is totally off the grid and doesn’t use any technology. I believe I have only met one.

In the caricature entertainment world the same thing has happened. Many years ago most professional artists started moving towards digital technology for studio work and now events. In the studio it was a nicer transition as it allowed for the artists to handle changes from the clients easier and to add more effects to illustration. For artists working on the go it allowed them to have their whole tool box with them at any given time allowing for uninterrupted work on planes, trains, and in automobiles.

Event artists started using technology more at events to offer better viewing of the work, offer more options for event planners, and ways to enhance the event for guests. Digital caricature events are becoming more popular everyday but does that mean it is for everyone?

Truck Show Caricature Event

Most event artists are working in both mediums and to get the best option for your party or event you have to take in all the parameters. I have broken down the options below to help you best decide what works for your event.


Digital events are normally higher in price depending on location and artist. Most digital event entertainment is 50-100% higher in costs due to the cost of equipment, upkeep, and printing.


The big appeal with digital caricature entertainment is that it can be colourful which is good for guests, but is also slower to produce. Depending on the artist digital work is normally 30% slower than drawing traditionally which means not as many of your guests will be getting drawn.


Most digital work is printed at the event either 4×6 or 8×10 sized images. This is good for conferences where people can use a lanyard to wear the caricature saving them from holding it the whole time. Our traditional paper size is either 11×14 or 12×18.

Which one to choose?

Digital may not sound like a benefit when you think of higher prices, smaller pictures, and slower speed rates but there is a benefit to it. Which option you choose whether traditional entertainment or digital entertainment will depend on the focus for your event. Are you looking to get everyone drawn or just have another entertainment piece for your guests? Do you have a theme for your event that warrants technology or just want to give guests a keepsake?

Digital Event

If your event is technology based such as a tech company party then digital is the way to go. If you are having an artist in your booth for a trade show digital offers a way to grab the attention of people walking by and getting them into your booth. If you want to project the caricature onto a screen for everyone to see and aren’t concerned with the number of people drawn then digital is your best option. Digital works best for all of these types of situations especially if looking for colour caricatures.


Traditional Event

Digital is a higher option and not the best for every event. If you are having a house party, office party then traditional is your best option. If you want to get as many guests drawn as possible and want them to have a keepsake to remember the party then traditional is more attractive. If you are on a tight budget then certainly traditional is the best way to go.

Whichever way you choose to go for your next event the one thing that is common in all events is to book early. Many artists are very busy with a variety of work from studio illustration to events and book quickly especially in busy seasons like Christmas and New Years. Remember to check the artist’s style and make sure it is what you like as every artist has a different style especially with digital. I hope that helps you decide on the best option for you and no matter what option you like we can help you.

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About the Author

Bruce Outridge has been drawing caricatures for over ten years professionally and specializes in gift caricatures and caricature event entertainment. Bruce Outridge Productions offers both traditional and digital caricature entertainment. You can learn more or book Bruce for your next event at