The Power of Using Video

If you’re like many of us you were forced into this whole social media thing. Someone said, “You have to be on Facebook that’s where everyone is now.” So you signed up! Once on social media you had to have a blog so that you had content to add to social media everyday. Fast forward 10 years later and they are saying, “You have to be using video to add to social media.”

Video has become the main medium of choice for marketers, businesses, and people trying to communicate with family and friends. Whether communicating with family through Face Time or Skype or creating videos to communicate with customers video is the number one choice for many people. It has become a popular way to learn about people, how to do certain tasks around the house, or what you need to learn about new equipment. I recently bought new video equipment for our business and when I asked the sales person if the instruction manual was in the box she said,”It is, but I always go to YouTube with a cup of coffee and watch the videos, it’s faster.” I find the instructions to be very basic from manufacturers these days, which is why so many people are creating videos on everyday topics with their latest way of doing something.

Videos have become the number one way to communicate, teach, or entertain people. The question is are you using video in your business and how are you using it? Are you using it to put sales content in front of clients or are you using it to tell the story of your company? Are you gathering testimonials, showing the team behind the scenes, or showing all the fun you had from your last event? Video is a powerful medium because people can see what is happening and believe that the message has not been altered. It also makes us use more of our senses such as sight and sound allowing us to reach people more effectively especially those with reading difficulties.

If you’re not using video because you haven’t seen how it can be used in your business then I would invite you to take a look at how other businesses are using it to tell their story. Just starting with video and want to learn the basics of how to take a good picture then check out these articles on the subject.

About the Author

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