Graphic Scribing Michael Kerr

Graphic recording is a matter of note taking and summarizing the important points of a talk or presentation. Graphic Recording Or scribing can be done in many forms but generally uses symbols and images to show the key points of the presentation. With many presenters this can be very basic, but someone like Michael Kerr is a little more challenging.

Michael is not only funny, but uses a multitude of props and objects to show the key points of his message. For a graphic recorder that can be fun and challenging to keep up with as the presenter is going through their presentation. This particular presentation was what we call graphic scribing where it was done individually and not meant for the group at large. That however didn’t stop attendees from wanting to see those notes and asking me to post them on the group Facebook Page.

Graphic Scribing is a great way of summarizing a presentation and then sharing it with attendees as a fun way of remembering a presentation.

Below are pages showing the Scribing from Michael’s presentation.

Graphic Scribing by Bruce Outridge

Mike Kerr graphic RecordingMike Kerr graphic recording

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