Bruce Outridge Caricature Tags the Wall at Hashtags Barbados

A new bar opened in Hastings Barbados. We heard about it when first arriving on the island but it took us almost 5 weeks to get there. Every time we tried we were either side tracked by another location or found the bar closed upon arrival. One night we made it our mission to make it there. With a name like Hashtag and my marketing business it was more about a photo opportunity than a drink. We found the bar and was I surprised when I found out what was going on inside.

The bar has white walls on the inside and when you arrive they give you a marker to write your name on the wall. Well you don’t give a caricature artist a marker and tell him to draw on the wall. If that doesn’t take you back to when you were five years old when your parents told you not to draw on the wall then nothing will. Check out the video and pictures below and if you are in Barbados check out #Hashtags, you may find some cool art on the wall.

Watch the Trailer of the Drawing

Check out some photos from the outing

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration and design services for clients specializing in caricatures and cartoons. before focusing strictly on cartoons Bruce was a pen and ink landscape artist and now continues with that passion through his Sketch Walk Series showing others how to get started drawing on location. You can learn more about Bruce and his business at