Bruce Outridge Releases 2020 Barbados Caricature-Bajan Backlash

for the last six years I have been doing a caricature of our Barbados gang every year. It started as a joke and has turned into an annual tradition. More and more people are asking to be in the caricature and this has to be the fullest image to date. each year I choose a different backdrop and this year i chose the famous sign tree as few people were traveling this year due to Covid-19. I would like to wish all of our friends and people we know on the island a wonderful Christmas season and all the best for 2021.

Bajan Backlash 2020

People in the Picture

Front Row-Sue & Chris, Steve & Angelika, Bruce & Carmen, Johanne & Luc

Second Row-Russ and Nancy, Terry & Shirley, Jay & Cindy, Lynne & Martin,

Third Row-Tim and Judy, Kirsty & Geoff, Sharon & Don, Dougie & Karen, Jane & Richard

Fourth Row-Bill & Pat, Satu & Chris, Dawn & Karl, CeCe, Allison & Michael, Sheldon & Allison

Fifth Row (Top Right)-Cathy & Pete, Marissa & Joan

You can download a printable PDF version
of the caricature through the link below.

Barbados caricatures from past years

About the Author

Bruce Outridge has been drawing caricatures for over ten years professionally and specializes in gift caricatures and caricature event entertainment. Bruce Outridge Productions offers both traditional and digital caricature entertainment. You can learn more or book Bruce for your next event at