Presentation Streaming IHSA Event-Testimonial

With the pandemic everything has jumped online with Zoom. The problem is when you have your presentation written out on a giant wall. Infrastructure Health and Safety Association had planned for in-person training and quickly had to pivot to continue training during the pandemic. This meant bringing me out to video tape their presentation for those on Zoom which I have now done a few times for them and other organizations. Thank you IHSA for having me out. Below is what they had to say about the event stream.

What the client had to say:

Thanks Bruce for your services, we received positive feedback from the participants that having the live streaming, gave them the sense as much as possible of being in the room to make the most of their experience.

I am sure we will be calling on you again in the near future to help out with.

Enjoy your weekend.

Michelle Roberts
Director, Stakeholder & Client Engagement
Infrastructure Health & Safety Association

Pictures from the event