Take Your Art to Church and Challenge Yourself to Improve

I love to draw churches or buildings that have what I call character. They may make condos and office buildings out of glass but to be honest with you you can draw a rectangle with glass reflection and say it’s an office tower, not too exciting. But churches, old buildings, even older homes have so much character whether it be in the trim, the shape, or details such as arch ways, doors, and windows. Even the wood siding offers details to inspire you.

This is why churches and other interesting buildings are perfect for helping you improve your art. If you enjoy drawing landscapes or homes then this is a great way to improve. You will learn a number of things while drawing places like a church. Your basic challenge will be the perspective of the building and layout of your drawing. If you were drawing an office building that would be it, but the details of a church continue the challenge far into the drawing. That’s due to the fact that often windows, doors, and other items like steeples are different in shape yet have to follow the framework of perspective.

Once you have your building drawn things like church bells, signage, and other interesting details continue to challenge you all the way through your picture challenging you to the very end. This is why I like the challenge of drawing older buildings.

In our local area I was to be teaching a class with a small number of students on plein-air drawing. Each week we were going to draw a different building on location as a group. I was going to choose 5 monumental buildings of the area to draw. This could have been anything from a lighthouse to a church to a bell tower. The class fell through due to covid lockdowns but if you are looking to improve your art this would be a good challenge and a great way to document your town. Sketch one a week and you will improve greatly after five or six weeks.

The other joy of plein-air is just being outside in fresh air and enjoying the day. We’ve all been in lockdown so long that any excuse to get outside will work. The point is not whether your picture turns out good or not, but did you learn one thing while creating the picture. If you did then you had a successful session. Good luck with your pictures and if you need more art tips visit my website under art tips.

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is an artist, cartoonist, and caricature artist from Burlington Ontario Canada. Although most of his work is cartooning he enjoys sketching on location especially when he travels to the Caribbean. To learn more about Bruce and his art visit http://www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com