You’re Never Too Old for Crayons

I don’t know how you think about life but having fun in life is the secret to staying young in my mind. I like to do different things and enjoy the type of work that I do and drawing caricatures is part of that. Caricatures have helped introduce me to different cultures, enjoy special moments of people’s lives, and allows me to have some great laughs while doing my job.

On the other hand I watch a lot of the seniors in the building that I live in and notice some are keeping young at heart. They keep moving and enjoying the little things in life and many have a zest for life that keeps them looking 10 years younger than their actual age. I keep working on that and when I look at other artists and entertainers I notice they don’t seem to age. They enjoy that love of their craft and it keeps them young, learning, and in the moment.

I felt this way while at dinner recently. We went to Jack Astors one of my favourite places for dinner. I love the artwork on the walls, the cartoon signs, and the fact that they leave crayons on the table. Those crayons I believe are for younger people than myself but being an artist it is very tempting to draw when there is some type of drawing tools available. What did I draw? The server didn’t give us a coaster for our drinks so I felt I should draw my own. I drew a fictional caricature that amazed the server and drew the attention of tables close by after we left. The crayons may have been for kids, but I feel you’re never too old for crayons.

Laughing and enjoying life is one of the secrets to staying young! If you are looking for event entertainment then think of a caricature artist. It will help keep you young.

Draw your own coaster

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a professional artist, author, and cartoonist specializing in the art of caricature. Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration, caricature event service, and graphic recording for clients throughout Ontario. Learn more about the company at