How important is your client?

I have spoken about this before in my seminars on art businesses so I thought it would be good to put some of that here in the blog. How important are you clients to you? It amazes me how many businesses treat their clients as important until the next client comes along. Do you go by how much they spend, who they know, how much they recommend you? My advice is to treat all clients as number one. Forget the money for now, excellent customer service is what will bring them back and the money will follow. If you are an artist try offering to deliver and hang the picture for your client. When delivering it is it in a bag or wrapped up? Think of how you like to purchase products. Do the same for your clients and your name will run in professional circles as someone of quality. It is easier to keep the clients you have than to find new ones so evaluate the client service you are giving. Your business will thrive because of it. Good luck!

One Reply to “How important is your client?”

  1. Great advice. As a freelance graphic designer and artist, I try to treat all of my clients well. I believe customer service is an important part of business. After all, the clients could easily go to someone else! Thanks for your words of wisdom.

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