Smiling May Just Make You More Money

It is amazing to me the little things that make a big difference. One of those would be smiling, we all do it, some more than others, and it can make a big difference in someone’s life. My wife and I recently returned from a vacation on a beautiful Caribbean Island where the people are known as friendly and happy. We have been to the island many times so we knew the layout and what to expect. One thing we began to notice almost instantly was that the women working didn’t smile. They all seemed very serious, almost if they were forced to be there. Once you engaged them in conversation they were very nice but you had to be brave enough to approach them first. The men on the other hand were very friendly off the bat. We got to know one of the servers at a restaurant we frequented quite well while we were there and at one point got up the gumption to ask why she didn’t smile as she was so beautiful. She didn’t know and we told her she would do much better if she would smile more. They rely heavily on tips as they are a tourist destination so we couldn’t understand the terrible service. Our service would include not smiling, but also not coming back to the table, we would be served one time, but had to go to the bar at another time, there seemed to be no structure for the servers. We informed our server that if she wanted to make more money, smile more, and get to know your clients. We had heard the same thing from other visitors to the island. Once our girl started smiling and looking like she wanted to be there the tips started flowing. With multiple cruise ships in port each day on the island her income may have just gone up tenfold, all because of a smile.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a cartoonist and consultant. His work can be seen on his website at

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