Charity Surprises Artist at Conference

I was blown away yesterday at a conference by a charity that surprised me with a special gift. Here is the back story. I attended a conference yesterday for the transportation industry that I do a lot of work with. My past career as a professional truck driver has me still involved in that industry and working with new drivers. Last year the TTSAO (Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario) decided to support the Convoy for Special Olympics which helps athletes compete in their specialized skill. The convoy is a big event with locations across North America and has raised thousands of dollars helping special needs athletes raise funds to compete. I offered Tammy Blackwell,  one of the organizers of the event an interview opportunity on my podcast for the transportation industry. We did the interview and she had a vision for a t-shirt design and was looking for someone to illustrate it for her. I decided to help the convoy out and donated the design for free. Since it was close to the event and I was unable to attend I didn’t hear anymore about the shirts. In fact I didn’t think they even had made them up.  Yesterday I was totally surprised when this women got up on stage who I had only talked to on the phone and never met called my name and presented me with one of the t-shirts with my design. It was wonderful to be recognized and I appreciate her efforts in remembering me. The shirts were given to each athlete and with more time this year I plan on doing another design for the shirts this year. Thank you to The Convoy for Special Olympics for the gift and I urge everyone to check out their charity and support them if you can.

You can learn more about them in this interview on the podcast.

Below is the shirt and pictures from the presentation.

About the Artist

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