Creating Bears and Knuckles-Cartoon of the Week

Bear & Knuckles Page 9

The Story Behind the Cartoons

The Highway Blues strips have been running in publications in the transportation industry for a few years. To change things up I created an off shoot of the strip called “Bear & Knuckles.” The idea for this strip was two truck drivers who seemed to have trouble all the time in their career would end up becoming a truck driving team. It was a humorous way to show the life of these two misfits. They have trouble getting along, try to buy a truck together, and so on. We ran it for two years in Road Today Magazine. You can read the whole series at .

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is a cartoonist from Southern Ontario Canada with a background as a professional truck driver. He illustrates and writes for many industry magazines. To hire Bruce for your illustration needs or to learn more visit