Can I See Your Log Book-Cartoon of the Week

Log Book cartoon by Bruce Outridge

The Story Behind the Cartoon

Log books are documents bounded into a book that every truck driver going over a certain distance has to fill out. In fact in most of the areas of transportation from trucks to buses and airplanes this is a mandatory requirement. For most companies in the trucking industry this is where most of the fines come from as some drivers fill them out incorrectly, cheat, or down right lie. In June across North America inspection stations will inspect trucks and be asking for this document. This cartoon has the inspector asking for the log book and some drivers feel as though they have the right to have an attitude about being asked. This will never go well for the driver, but certainly makes for a good cartoon scenario.This illustration is some of my older work that was done traditionally with a very tight inking style.

Enjoy the cartoon! Been there done that!

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is a cartoonist and caricature artist from Ontario Canada. Bruce spent 25 years driving big rigs and now uses those experiences to capture the industry in a humorous way. You can learn more about Bruce’s cartoons or his work at