Take the Boredom Out of March Break with These Creative Tips

Most kids are looking forward to March Break. It’s a time when the kids get to cut loose and take a break from all the school work. Parents that have set aside vacation time for that time are always happy to spend time with the kids and hopefully can find away to go some place warm, so if you are going to some place warm please enjoy it to the fullest. Then there is the other group, those of you with little money to travel that have several kids and their friends that will be hanging out with them as well. What do you do? You love your kids but in the back of your mind you remember last year with the screaming, running around, the mess, and the exhaustion you experienced the whole week. Then there was the cost of movies, art classes, pizza dinners and more. Hey I feel your pain, been there done that!License-cartoon by Bruce Outridge

So let me help you out. Instead of sitting in the house praying for the week to be over let me offer you some suggestions on how to keep the kids engaged during the March Break week. The tips in the fun guide below are family styled events that can be done at home at little or no cost. You may want to make a plan to do a different type of event each day and build it in with a pizza lunch. Hopefully the weather will hold out and you can spend some time in the great outdoors. I suggest some hikes in the guide so you may want to check out my Sketch Walks and sketching posts on the website and make it an art experience.

Click here for the Sketch Walks. Click here for cool art tips.

If you want to warm the kids up with their drawing skills why not start with some of the free online courses I have on the website to get them warmed up. This will help them when they get out in the field and try their hand at sketching. Enjoy the guide and I hope it makes your March Break Week fantastic. Enjoy!

Grab your creative fun guide here

About the ArtistBruce Outridge is a professional cartoonist and artist from Burlington Ontario Canada. He offers custom illustration, caricature event services, gift caricatures, and art instruction. To learn more visit www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com