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October is a great month for arts and crafts

With October coming up quickly and the Canadian Thanksgiving just a few weeks away there will be a lot to do to prepare for the Holiday. October can almost be called craft month with so many options available for families to create amazing art. Think about the month for moment, you have the beautiful colours of Fall, Thanksgiving with family festivities, and then the creative time of Halloween, all in one month. This is the perfect month to take your art to the next level. Here are some tips that will help you boost your arts and crafts and make your celebrations creative and unique.

Get out for some inspiration

The colours of Fall are one of the best reasons for living in the Northern United States and Canada. Team that beauty with beautiful weather and Fall is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy this incredible time of year. A sketch-walk or hike can be a great way to be inspired by the time of year. Just take a sketchbook, some pencils and coloured pencils or crayons and head outdoors to enjoy nature. If you are not the drawing type then take the camera or just go for a family hike and enjoy the colours. You will be inspired by the colours and it is a great way to collect items to enhance that family dinner.

Here is the sketch-walk I took at Crawford Lake if you would like to see how a sketch-walk works.


Get creative with pumpkin carving

Of course Fall wouldn’t be the same without pumpkins. Just pick some up while your are out for that nature or sketch-walk. Get the kids creating a unique piece for themselves by having them draw out their design and then cut out the pumpkin to create a 3-D work of art. Here is how to start drawing out the design.

Have the kids draw out their design and then transfer it onto tracing paper. Once on the tracing paper the drawing can be transferred onto the pumpkin with the rubbing technique. For the rubbing technique put carbon paper behind the sketch or colour the back of the tracing paper and then trace it onto the pumpkin.

As for cutting out a pumpkin I know nothing about that so here is a link to an article from Martha Stewart.

Draw out that Halloween costume

Oh sure you could go buy a Halloween costume but it is much more creative to design your own. Draw out those costumes in a sketchbook or paper and then go get those material to put it all together. The kids will learn drawing techniques and come out with a unique creation as well.

Here is a link to some drawing videos if you need help in that area.

So I hope that helps to make your October an experience to remember. Fall is a beautiful time of year to be inspired by art and get the whole family involved in a beautiful outdoor experience.

Enjoy Fall!

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Bruce Outridge is a cartoonist and caricature artist from Burlington Ontario. The services of Bruce Outridge Productions offers live caricature entertainment, art instruction, and much more. To learn more about Bruce Outridge Productions visit

Improve Your Child’s Creativity with Art Supplies

Go into any office supply store and you will see a flurry of activity in the back to school section. Sale prices are all around and there will be many items to choose from. The tendency for most parents is to just get as many pencils and highlighters as possible to last the year. If you are the parent to a budding artist then you may want to take a moment to actually plan out the supplies you need for the year as this could be a great way to improve your child’s creativity.

We all learn in different ways, some need more visual clues and others take lots of notes. In fact it’s been reported that doodling improves retention of material. Don’t believe me check out this article on the a study done on the topic.,8599,1882127,00.html. Teaming the way people learn to how they like to take down information can help improve how much of the material is remembered, but also makes the review process much more enjoyable.

So how will this information help improve your child’s creativity?

First let’s look at the notebooks your child may be working in. You may want to buy your child those basic lined styled notebooks, but is that the best option? If your child is a budding artist it may be holding back some of that creativity with the lines. Think about the subject and it may be more beneficial to buy notebooks with blank pages and even possible with different colours. This way the notebook becomes a visual journal that is not only more memorable but encourages review of the material. I have included a picture of my sketchbook pages from a convention to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

Bruce's Notebook

What about the drawing instruments such as pencils and pens?

There are two major items that every artist puts energy into finding the best quality available. The item they draw or paint on and the item they draw or paint with. Quality paper or canvas and quality paint, brushes, or drawing materials are key to helping create great art. So when buying back to school supplies could you be helping your child improve their creativity with decent materials?

The best way to start is to ask your child if appropriate what they like to draw with. Do they draw more with pencil, pen, or marker? I myself rarely use pencil anymore. Once I started doing pen and ink work as a child I abandoned the pencil for the most part. Other artists I know use only pencil so it really is a personal choice.

If you are looking at buying colour materials here is a guide to help.

You may want to just pick up those big packs of coloured pencils or mega packs of highlighters but before you do let me offer another option. If possible buy the colours separately. This is why most art stores don’t sell their products in pack because many artists don’t buy their materials this way. Let’s say I need a red colour. The best way to buy that is to buy a red pencil crayon, then a darker red pencil, and then a lighter red pencil. This way you can colour a shirt red, then use a darker red for shadow, and lighter red for highlights. This technique can also be done in other ways with blue colours but it gives you an idea of the process of shopping for colours.

These tips can help not only improve creativity, encourage note taking, and improve retention of material. I have found it a great way to help remember information during conferences, seminars, and presentations. If you have a budding artist that likes to draw this may be a great way to encourage getting homework done and improving their artistic talent. Hey it couldn’t hurt!

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Bruce Outridge is a professional artist /cartoonist from Burlington Ontario Canada. Bruce has been drawing since he was ten years and offers custom illustration and design services for clients specializing in caricatures and cartoons. To learn more about Bruce and his work visit his website at

Cartooning for Kids-March 16, 2017-Art on Location Program

Creating a comic book page

I will be teaching a cartooning workshop for kids in conjunction with Art on Location Program with Dawn Angela Seeley. This workshop will be part of Dawn Angela’s larger art class program for kids. To learn more about the classes or to register please visit her website at

Learn how to draw cartoons, caricatures, comics and more. This workshop will be held at the following location.

SDA Church
2013 Bronte Road
Oakville, Ontario

Please register through

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge Productions offers art classes specializing in caricatures, cartoons, comics, and more. We offer classes for public and private individuals clients looking for programs on cartooning and associated expertise. To learn more about Bruce and upcoming classes or to view his online art instruction videos check out his website at

Get into comics

Tomorrow is Comic Book Day for those of you that may not know that. It is always the first Saturday of May and you can go to many of the comic book stores in your area and get free comic books and participate in activities. Today I have a comic workshop going on at a Public School in Milton Ontario. Tomorrow you can find me at the Oakville Library on Navy Street doing caricatures for their comic book day event. Comics get people involved in art, reading, collecting, storytelling, and so much more. Get out and get involved, the whole family will enjoy it. Enjoy!

About the Author
Bruce Outridge is a cartoonist and comic book creator from Southern Ontario. You can see more of his work on his comic book site or his website

Saving the Streets Page 13

This splash page of the Pride Junkie completes the story for Saving the Streets. I wanted to leave it open in case I decided to go further with the story. It also gives a sense that the city has been restored to its former calm manner.



About the Author

Bruce Outridge is the creator of the Pride Junkie Comic Series. Form more information on Bruce and his work please visit his website at

Saving the Streets Page 12

On page 12 of Saving the Streets the Pride Junkie has stopped the car that was trying to get away and then leans in to send a message to the driver to relay back to his race buddies. On this page I tried to combine humour and a sense of urgency. This guy should be scared enough that he won’t race again whether that happens we will have to wait and see.



About the Author

Bruce Outridge is the creator of the Pride Junkie Comic Series. More of his work can be found on his website at

Saving the Streets-Page 3

On page 3 of the Pride Junkie /Saving the Streets or hero by day jack looks into the way that street racers have taken over the streets. He talks to friends at the truck stop to find out the Police are even losing the battle against these racers. The hatching of the plan begins.



About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an illustrator and creator of the Pride Junkie Comic book Series. More of his work can be seen on his website at or 


Designing a Character

As with anything the best place to start designing a character is in your sketchbook. Let’s say you want to design a dragon for your comic book series. In your sketchbook you will draw sketches of what the dragon will have on it and look like. Once you know what you want it is time to go and get reference pictures. The internet is a good place to start here. Maybe you will get a picture of a dinosaur that is similar in shape to your drawing. Then maybe you will find a picture of another animal that has horns or whatever it is that you are trying to put on the character. Once you have all your reference pictures you can now get started on the main design. Take out a clean piece of paper and start putting all the pieces together creating the image that you drew in your sketchbook. A great way of creating something to use later is to create a character sheet. Check out my earlier posts for information on character sheets. Follow this method for all your characters and you will find you have well thought out characters for your comics.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a cartoonist and illustrator from Canada. He is the creator of the Pride Junkie Comic Series. To view the series and learn more about Bruce please visit

What’s first, watercolour or pen & ink?

If I am doing a painting using watercolour and pen & ink in a class setting many times I am asked what I paint first. The answer often depends on where and how the picture will be completed. In my studio at home I always do the pen and ink first because I can leave the picture to dry after completing certain sections. I am also using quality materials at home so the process is a lot smoother.

In a class setting however I do the opposite. If it is a kids class the materials are usually not as good and because the class is often painting along with me due to time issues we will do the watercolour first. In addition that lets us clean up the lines at the end with the ink to get a nice finished picture. So there is no wrong or right way to complete a picture, just whatever is more comfortable for you. Find you technique and let her fly!

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a comic book artist and cartoonist from Ontario Canada. He is the creator of the Pride Junkie series and Highway Blues series. You can view more if his work at

Get the Party Started with Fiesta4Kids

It is amazing to me what people will do for a  party, talk about taking out all the stops. I was recently entertaining at a party about a month ago that was so elaborate you would have thought you were at a wedding for the queen. A hall was rented, tables set up for 100 people, catered food and bar service, games and presents for the kids and more. Multiple entertainers were hired to provide entertainment and they even had a screen set up with a slide show. After the meal music and dancing began giving the attendees the time of their life. The best part was that this was all done for one year olds birthday party. I am sure glad my daughter didn’t see that. Many of the kids even dressed up in costume to help out with entertainment value.

This was all arranged by my friends over at Fiesta4Kids who handle events and entertainment for kids parties, community events, and more. I have worked with them many times in the past and they are great people and the events are second to none. If you are looking for quality entertainment for children then Fiesa4Kids is the place to start. You can contact them through their website at , tell them I sent you.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a caricature artist and cartoonist from the Southern Ontario area of canada. He can be reached at