Giving the Gift of Art for Christmas

Have you ever given yourself a present through the gift of art? Life is so rushed these days that we don’t get time to slow down and enjoy it. I often hear people say that when I retire I am going to start to paint or when I retire I am going to take that photography course. The problem with that is at that point in life your mind and body may not be able to handle the instruction or equipment needed. A skill in the arts takes many years to develop properly so leaving it to retirement may not be enough time.

Comic Art Classes

Finding unique presents for others or even yourself can be a challenge at anytime of year especially at Christmas. People buy things when they need it and don’t usually wait for special occasions anymore unless of course it is a Black Friday Sale. The gift of art is unique and can be tailored to the person receiving it. So how do you gift the gift of art?

Have you thought of giving an art class? If you are busy and have this dream of taking up art when you retire or at a later date then giving yourself the present of registering for an art class may be the perfect gift. You can learn that new skill now and at your own pace and it can double as relaxation time just for you.

You can also give an art class to someone else as a unique gift. Do you have a friend or family member that has been talking about taking that watercolour class? Those conversations can offer you information for the perfect gift. Most organizations offer some sort of gift certificate that can be given to someone else. Art classes combined with some art supplies are a great way to get someone started as a hobby artist and a beautiful gift.

Of course if you have someone who appreciates art but doesn’t want to produce it then buying them a piece of art may be a great gift. Many small galleries and individual artists have art for sale that will suit the taste of any art lover. If you can’t find a piece of art that fits then you can have one commissioned just for them.


There are so many ideas for gifts for the art enthusiast in your family, it just takes some thought and thinking about their interests. No matter what you give the people in your family I am sure they will like it. The real goal is to enjoy the time with family and friends. Remember it is the thought that counts. Happy Holidays and all the best for the new year.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a professional cartoonist specializing in the art of caricature and cartoons. Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration and design services for live event caricature entertainment, caricature gifts, art instruction, and more. To learn more about Bruce Outridge Productions visit