Send Unique Gifts with Gift Caricatures

Here we are coming to the end of 2021 and even though we are opening up it is still confusing to many as to whether parties will happen or not. Family gatherings are in flux and this is causing confusion for the Holiday Season. Add the whole logistics issue and right now Christmas seem a mess. What are the options?

Bobbi-Jo-Abbott-Caricature by
Gift Caricature

Gift Caricatures are fun ways of sending a personalized gift without the danger of shopping, it can be mailed should Christmas be cancelled, and you still have a one of a kind gift. The only problem is that you have to think early about as they have to be created by hand.

Here are some samples to get you started

If you need more information let us know.

About the Artist 

Bruce Outridge is an artist, cartoonist, and caricature artist from Burlington Ontario Canada. Although most of his work is cartooning he enjoys sketching on location especially when he travels to the Caribbean. To learn more about Bruce and his art visit