Figuring out art books

Have you ever bought an art book and once you got it home couldn’t figure out how to work with the steps? That happens to many students who enter my classes. That’s because many artists follow the same steps, but do them in their own way. For that reason alone I suggest you read different books because you will get something different out of each one. When I teach art classes I teach three steps to drawing. First is the shape step, look at the shape of your subject and draw that shape. The second is the detail step, you will now go over your drawing making that circle actually look like the apple you may be trying to draw. The final step is the shading step where you use light and shadow to give the subject form. Now you will notice those steps are the same as in many of the books. I use three, some use five, but they are basicallly the same. Go reread those books and get going with that drawing.

Good luck!

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