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What type of art class should I take?

If you are looking for art classes to help you improve then try these tips in order to choose the class right for you: First figure out what you are … Continue reading What type of art class should I take?

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Selecting an ink pen

Have you ever tried an ink pen and found it to be a very messy experience? Part of the problem is not knowing how to use it and the other … Continue reading Selecting an ink pen


Computer Programs

Are you starting to use computers more for your art, but aren’t sure which ones you should use? I use the Adobe Suite CS4 and I remember when I started … Continue reading Computer Programs

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Selecting Paper

Did you know the type of paper you use can determine the outcome of your art? Many young students focus on price instead of finding paper that works well with … Continue reading Selecting Paper


Creating a Reference Library

Have you ever tried to draw something, but couldn’t find a good picture? Then two weeks later a good picture showed up in the paper. Most artists keep what they … Continue reading Creating a Reference Library

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Making something into a cartoon

Have you been trying to make a regular object into a cartoon? To do that you have to do a couple of things, one don’t use a ruler as it … Continue reading Making something into a cartoon

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Figuring out art books

Have you ever bought an art book and once you got it home couldn’t figure out how to work with the steps? That happens to many students who enter my … Continue reading Figuring out art books