I am heading out to a convention for caricature artists. I love this convention because it involve the top illustrators in North America and you can almost learn more from the other artists than the seminars. if you have a business make sure you get out and network on a regular basis with people within your industry. Don’t go or don’t go because you think they won’t be able to provide me any work, go to learn and network. You may surprise yourself on how much you learn by just engaging people in friendly conversation. Your goal for your business should be to belong to one nationl organization, one international organization, and one local organization. This way you stay tapped into the local and international markets.

Give it a try!

2 Replies to “Networking”

  1. What’s it take to become a sublime expounder of prose like yrouself?

  2. As i say to most people, don’t try so hard. Meeting people should be fun not a chore. If it is a chore you are in the wrong group.

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