Selecting an ink pen

Have you ever tried an ink pen and found it to be a very messy experience? Part of the problem is not knowing how to use it and the other part is using the wrong pen. Now if you are looking for pre-filled pens I like the Micron pens with different style nibs.  I use an 08 for outlining, and an 01 for interior cross-hatching.  When I use a dip pen I like a medium sized nib and really black ink. I find the small dip pens are too flimsy for me so I stay to the bigger nibs. Recently I found left handed pens at a convention and purchased a couple to try. They’re cut a little differently, but I haven’t found anything special with them. As always the best way is to buy a couple of pens and try them out before purchasing too many of one kind. Don’t forget to read the post on how to select paper. Good luck.

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