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Creating a story

Have you tried to create a comic story but weren’t sure exactly where to start? The best place for me is in point form. Pull out a piece of paper … Continue reading Creating a story

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What is a caricature?

A caricature is an exaggeration of a person or item that holds a likeness to the object or individual. Most caricatures are of people, but I personally caricature vehicles as well … Continue reading What is a caricature?

Creating Gifts from Your Art

Tis the season for gift giving. For those of you that are artists you may want tor try a cool way to push your art and also get all gifts … Continue reading Creating Gifts from Your Art

Drawing hand

Selecting an ink pen

Have you ever tried an ink pen and found it to be a very messy experience? Part of the problem is not knowing how to use it and the other … Continue reading Selecting an ink pen


Pushing Your Art

Have you wondered what is the best way to improve your art. I have trouble improving when I just draw with no real purpose. If you’re the same as me then … Continue reading Pushing Your Art


Computer Programs

Are you starting to use computers more for your art, but aren’t sure which ones you should use? I use the Adobe Suite CS4 and I remember when I started … Continue reading Computer Programs


Creating a Reference Library

Have you ever tried to draw something, but couldn’t find a good picture? Then two weeks later a good picture showed up in the paper. Most artists keep what they … Continue reading Creating a Reference Library

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Making something into a cartoon

Have you been trying to make a regular object into a cartoon? To do that you have to do a couple of things, one don’t use a ruler as it … Continue reading Making something into a cartoon